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ENACT: Enabling DevOps in the realm of trustworthy smart IoT systems

In terms of cybersecurity and privacy, ENACT is controlling access of users to services delivered by IoT systems, in a situation-aware and risk-based approach, as well as controlling all data flows between services, and between connected objects and their back-end services. All these aspects are of paramount importance, in particular in the case of e-Health applications, with very sensitive information being exchanged by IoT devices on behalf of patients, and resulting medical data being accessed by many various profiles, such as doctors of different hospital ecosystems, nurses, families, with appropriate security and privacy privileges. - Thierry Winter, CTO Evidian IAM products, Atos

ENACT targets the fundamental challenges of efficient software development and operation in the domain of IoT, and provides a set of tools to enable the modern DevOps practice for developing and operating trustworthy smart IoT applications. These tools support the development teams of IoT applications in continuously delivering changes to the applications in production, automatically operating the applications with effective feedbacks triggering new development, and assuring the trustworthiness of the application along its lifecycle.

ENACT: Contributing to edge computing initiative in Europe

ENACT project is glad to see that Europe is investing in edge computing. Based on our experience and the use cases in ENACT, we believe that the key point for the future development of edge computing is to have people and organizations with the skills of exploiting edge devices. One of the important skills is to be able to develop and operate the software on the edge. ENACT provides software engineering methods and tools to facilitate software development for the IoT-edge-cloud continuum. The team will keep seeking collaborations with different partners under the Horizon Europe framework to facilitate the development of IoT-edge-cloud applications in different vertical domains.

The ENACT results will provide methods and tools for IoT application providers to adopt a productive, flexible, and trustworthy way of developing and operating their application, following the widely-approved DevOps practice. This will help them smooth the transition from proof-of-concept IoT prototypes to large scale productions and services across the IoT-edge-cloud continuum, make them more adaptive to business changes, without sacrificing the trustworthiness of the product in terms of security, privacy protection, robustness, etc.

Want to know more about the ENACT project and its latest results, visit https://www.enact-project.eu.