Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Science

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e-SIDES is a 36-month R&I H2020 project that will be concluding this coming 31st of December 2019. It is an EU-funded Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that will complement the Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) of the ICT-18 call on privacy-preserving big data technologies by exploring the societal and ethical implications of big data technologies and providing a broad basis and wider context to validate privacy-preserving technologies.

e-SIDES has an innovative approach to promoting  the use of Privacy Preserving Technologies. Starting from the ethical issues that arise when companies perform analytics in the AI and Big Data domain, e-SIDES traces their ramifications in the legal code and extends this to provide implementation guidelines for developers. This approach is highly innovative and useful to a wide set of stakeholders from industry, research, policy makers and civil society.

e-SIDES project making a difference for the future Horizon Europe  

e-SIDES has mapped the ramifications of using diverse security technologies in Data Science, showing the strengths and weaknesses and helping developers choose the right technologies for their implementations. e-SIDES looks at typical pitfalls and highlights the implications when problems arise helping developers avoid common drawbacks.

The ethical implications of the work the research community is performing is of utmost importance. The choices for topics and technologies of today’s researchers will influence the products of tomorrow.  e-SIDES position paper is a community tool and its recommendations are developed in synergy with the community and directly support European Commission decision making in the Horizon Europe Process.


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