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The’s promotes the European Commission funded project results, outputs and news and as a result, increase the project visibility to the Cyberwatching community and European Commission and other affiliations.

The Marketplace is a curated compendium of (1) outputs from completed, EU-funded research projects and (2) products and services offered by providers across Europe.

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We are glad to promote  UNICORN as "Service of the Month" for December 2019.


Unicorn aims to simplify the design, deployment and management of secure and elastic –by design- multi-cloud services.

As the project is approaching its conclusion, the project is aiming to build this umbrella concept, the Unicorn vision can be considered two-fold: to enable software developers to design and develop secure and elastic applications and to increase the awareness of all stakeholders, in particular SMEs and Startups.

Unicorn will reduce software release time and provide a powerful tool for SMEs to improve software design and continuous productivity enhancement. The innovation activities in the Unicorn project will be based upon existing solutions and developments to the largest possible extent, and build upon the S&T results of European RIA projects including CELAR, PaaSport, PaaSword and ARCADIA.


Watch this video and learn the UNICORN Cloud Opeations Platform tutorial:

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