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2019 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act

18/11/2019 to 19/11/2019

The 2019 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act has been developed to help standards community prepare for the evolution of risk-based frameworks meant to address market fragmentation in the EU.

The EU Cybersecurity Act, now in the early stages of development, will eventually create a wide-ranging, independent European body of cybersecurity regulation as part of the “single digital market” goal.

.ευ event in Athens

Sunday, 17 November, 2019

Users will now be able to create a domain name in full Greek script, such as ευρώ.ευ ( Companies and citizens in the EU are now able to register domain names in non-Latin scripts, namely Greek and Bulgarian, that are used by millions of people. As such, users will have a greater choice of domain names, which will in turn stimulate faster development of electronic commerce and bring about many other benefits.

First major conference: Cybersecurity For Europe 2019

Wednesday, 13 November, 2019 to Friday, 15 November, 2019

CyberSec4Europe is delighted to announce that its first major conference, Cybersecurity For Europe 2019, will take place at the Hôtel de Région in Toulouse from 13-15 November 2019.

ACM CCS 2019

11/11/2019 to 15/11/2019

The 26th ACM (Associaltion of Computing Machinery) Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) will be held in London, United Kingdom from November 11 to 15, 2019 at the Hilton Metropole.

Beyond Privacy: Learning Data Ethics - European Big Data Community Forum 2019

Thursday, 14 November, 2019

Big Data Analytics helps organizations, communities and individuals harness the value of growing amounts of data. According to recent forecasts, in 2025, the digital economy will multiply by 10 the volume of data now generated. While, on the one hand, this widespread use of data enables us to create more efficient and effective products and services, and fuel economic growth, on the other hand, this vast potential has created a new range of ethical challenges.


ISSE Conference 2019: Information Security Solutions Europe

06/11/2019 to 07/11/2019

The 21st Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE) Conference will be held on 6-7 November 2019 in Brussels (BE) focusing on European Business Security and Society Challenges.

1st Open Pilots Workshop

Tuesday, 5 November, 2019

The workshop will showcase, an integrated online platform where organisations can train their staff in a simulated environment of cyber incidents and attacks, allowing both IT professionals and non-technical staff to hone and evolve their skills, continuously evaluating their performance as they prepare for future real attack episodes.


Wednesday, 30 October, 2019 to Friday, 1 November, 2019

SOFIE will be speaking, showing and socialising at Decentralized 2019. Europe’s premier conference on blockchain brings together the world’s leading business executives and academic experts to debate current trends and future developments of blockchain technologies.  

With over 1500 field experts from over 50 countries attending, Decentralized is a perfect place where to tell SOFIE’s story and highlight it’s potential. 

IoT Solutions World Congress

Tuesday, 29 October, 2019 to Thursday, 31 October, 2019

mF2C will be attending the IoT Solutions World Congress which will be held on 29-31 October 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.



The pdf presentations of the European Cluster for Securing #Critical

Future Events

The third Annual Fraud & Financial Crime Europe will focus on analysing the risks to determine the solutions in combating Fraud and Financial Crime.

01/09/2020 to 02/09/2020