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Cyberwatching.eu Webinar Series Summary: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, which has forced people to adapt to new realities. To help you understand and respond to the evolving cybersecurity challenges facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyberwatching.eu has collaborated through its webinar series with 21 EU- funded projects, bringing onboard on average 85 participants representing a broad audience made up of Researchers, SMEs, CS&P Clusters and associations, Policy Makers and the general public.

The Cyberwatching.eu webinar organisation has contributed to strengthening the collaboration between the cybersecurity and privacy community and its stakeholders. Dedicated webinars have been organised on strategic topics or to support activities carried out in other WPs such as the promotion of the GDPR Temperature Tool, the collaboration with the 4 Competence Centre Pilot Projects, MTRL activities and, as well as clustering activities on different topics such as Healthcare, the GDPR, Emerging Technologies, Privacy & Trust, Cyber risk management and more, exceeding our expected KPI.

Webinar Highlights

The Cyberwatching.eu webinar series has proven to be a real asset when it comes to extending the reach across a wider pool of stakeholders. With a total of 18 webinars, 8 out of 18 were held this year, and 1 co-organised webinar for the Finance sector has been organised by Cyberwatching.eu.
The webinar series has been a real success in terms of attendance and participation with a total of 1000+ online participants (out of 1300+ registered participants) of highly engaged audiences in different sectors. Participants were seamlessly spread across EU countries and beyond, coming from 58 countries: 37 EU Member States and 21 Non-EU/global. For the EU, Greece was by far the most represented country (270+), followed by Italy (170+), Spain (160+), Belgium (100+) and the United Kingdom (60+). 

In particular, the webinar series have helped boost interaction and collaboration between projects and cluster projects.

The Cyberwatching.eu team is honoured to have collaborated with different project clusters from different sectors such as:

  • Critical infrastructure with CYBERWISER.eu, REACT and CyberSANE, providing effective protection and advanced systems for timely detection, monitoring, handling and treating different risks and attacks.

  • Energy with DEFeND, EnergyShield, SDN-microSENSE and SealedGRID, providing solutions to protect EPES and SmartGRIDS againts cyber-threats, and preserve the consumer's privacy.

  • Cyber-risk Management with CUREX, CYBERSURE, GEIGER, PANACEA, RESISTO and SECONDO, showcasing practical aspects, while at the same time sharing tools and references that can give your organisation an edge in Cybersecurity Risk Management.

  • Healthcare with DEFeND, PANACEA and PAPAYA, presenting the main challenges facing the medical sector in ensuring secure integration of services that comply with EU regulations, and the three cutting-edge security and privacy by-design solutions under development thanks to EC funding.

  • Finance webinar, in support of the third workshop of Critical-Chains, thanks to cyberwatching’s clustering activities, 4 projects showing their cybersecurity solution in this sector: SOTER, CyberSec4Europe and CS-AWARE and Cyberwatching.eu presented by their legal partner ICT Legal Consulting.

During the webinar series, Cyberwatching.eu also collaborated with SME Clusters such as Digital SME Alliance, ClujIT and CyberWales in sharing good practices and tips for cybersecurity tips in teleworking. Finally, we have also strengthened our collaboration with other SME clusters, such as ECSO, SGS, Bl4ckSwan and AON, sharing expertise on how to strengthen resilience and adapt with cyber-risk management in 2021.

If you missed anything or want to re-watch a webinar or a session, then all webinar recordings are now available online in the dedicated Webinars section. We have introduced a special feature called "YouTube Chapters" in order to make the experience even more pleasurable (you can now skip with a click from one presentation to another). Presentations from our key speakers are also available here.

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PUZZLE project is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework.

Future Events

Join us for a workshop on ePrivacy, its implications for SMEs, and how it differentiates from the GDPR, organised by DIGITAL SME’s Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence together with Cyberwatching.eu on 10 May, 11.30 – 13.00 CEST!


Join us on the FIWARE Cybersecurity DAY on 13 May 2021, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity, FIWARE, supported by the GUARD Project and Cyberwatching.eu, is bringing together cybersecurity experts to review innovative, integrated, and holistic approaches for a secure and trusted Digital Single Market, outlining the principles that are guiding the EU action in this domain.