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Cyberwatching.eu: Supporting cyber resilience in Europe

The Cyberwatching.eu team is honoured to be ranked as number one most active and influential project, and adding visibility to mutual communication efforts by the REVOLVE media as of 17th December 2020.

REVOLVE is a third-party communication group, based in Brussels and Barcelona, fostering cultures of sustainability. This group follows the leading EU projects on Twitter and get your project into the Top 5 Leaderboard! This tool provides tracking of the most active and influential projects and adds visibility to mutual communication efforts.

Cyberwatching.eu is the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, a Communication Support Action (CSA) supported under Unit H1 of DG Connect, aimed at promoting project results, outputs and news and as a result, increase your visibility. 

Funded under the European Commission's H2020 programme, it will contribute to making the Digital Single Market a safer place by promoting the uptake and understanding of cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy services which emerge from Research and Innovation initiatives across Europe.

As of today, Cyberwatching.eu has an engaged community total of almost 5K from its social media followers, newsletters, webinars and concertation events.

The project’s engagement activities have been carried out with a twofold aim:

  • communicating the major Cyberwatching.eu outputs, services and results, and promoting initiatives, results and

  • major achievements of other cybersecurity and privacy projects.

Here are some of the programmes that we have in place that helps the R&I projects in cybersecurity and privacy:

  • With almost 300 R&I projects registered in the  Cyberwatching.eu PROJECT HUB, it is Europe’s ONLY complete and unabridged compilation of EU-funded research projects on cybersecurity topics. It was created specifically to facilitate information transfer, communication and cross-pollination. 73 projects are now managing their own mini-site on the Project Hub. This means adding content on their own pages including news, videos, events and updating information added by Cyberwatching on the project.

  • 32 of the SMEs’ projects are now managing their own mini-site on the Marketplace

  • There are 446 registered users among EC-funded projects, SMEs, CS&P Clusters, the general public, media etc.

  • The "Project of the Week" programme has featured more than 50 European Commission (EC) funded projects and has helped to maximise the impact of their results and latest developments across the cybersecurity and privacy community.

  • Cyberwatching.eu is regularly organizing a series of webinars and in-depth analysis on the cybersecurity and privacy landscape. Among the topics which will be discussed are risk management, data protection, legal and compliance aspects, cyber insurance, funding opportunities, innovative cybersecurity and privacy solutions, and standards and certification. Watch it again - if you missed anything or want to re-watch a session, then the webinar recordings are available online, which have featured 50 R&I projects in different project clusters and sectors.

If you want to have your project be featured on our channels as the Cyberwatching.eu's Project of the Week, read this for more details.

Don't forget to follow us on our Twitter channel (@Cyberwatchingeu) and LinkedIn (in/company/cyberwatchingeu).


PUZZLE project is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework.

Future Events

Join us for a workshop on ePrivacy, its implications for SMEs, and how it differentiates from the GDPR, organised by DIGITAL SME’s Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence together with Cyberwatching.eu on 10 May, 11.30 – 13.00 CEST!


Join us on the FIWARE Cybersecurity DAY on 13 May 2021, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity, FIWARE, supported by the GUARD Project and Cyberwatching.eu, is bringing together cybersecurity experts to review innovative, integrated, and holistic approaches for a secure and trusted Digital Single Market, outlining the principles that are guiding the EU action in this domain.