Vienna Cyber Security Week 2019

11/03/2019 to 15/03/2019

Building on past success, this third Vienna Cyber Security Week brings together national and international stakeholders in critical infrastructure and in cyber security for conducting information exchange, confidence building, and enhancing awareness of the risks and state of practice for digital system protection. The conference has four thematic thrusts:
• Diplomacy – exploring international and cross border issues for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and cyber security
• Technology – discussing the growth of the digital world and implementation of digital systems and their protection
• Business – examining business risks, solutions, and opportunities in the digital world
• Science – presenting the current R&D in digital system security


Consisting of multiple tracks over the course of five days, the conference seeks to enhance understanding of current approaches for cyber security worldwide, identify trends, and to provide a global forum for discussion. Special Tracks already identified include:
• Energy Security- protecting the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at affordable costs
• Finance Industry 5.0– addressing challenges for critical market infrastructure
• Cyber Challenges and Resilience in Transportation– prevention and mitigation of cyber impact on rail, shipping, and other transport modes.
• Critical Infrastructure Cyber Protection and Incident Response- establishing required capability, capacity, process, and resilience in combating cyber attack
• Smart City and Smart Protection- enhancing security for the internet of everything
• Combatting Cyber-Terrorism and Cyber-Crime – developing strategies and programmes to counter malicious use of digital technologies
• Women’s Cyber Forum- promoting fair and equal involvement, capacity development and opportunity building


Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to:

• Threats to Critical Energy Infrastructure
• Combatting Cybercrime and Terrorism against Critical Energy Infrastructure
• National and Regional Strategies for Energy/Cyber Security
• International Instruments and Legal Considerations for Protecting Critical Infrastructure against Cyber Attack
• Designing for Secure Digital Systems
• Critical Infrastructure Interdependency

• Enhancing Preparedness and Response to Critical Infrastructure Security Incidents
• Regulatory Approaches to Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure
• Securing Smart Cities
• Cyber Security Management at Critical Facilities
• Security Culture and Human Resource Development
• Emerging Cyber Security Technologies


Structure: The conference programme will consist of an opening plenary session, technical sessions, panel sessions, focused training sessions and a closing plenary session.

Presenting: Persons who wish to present at the conference should submit a synopsis of between 400 and 800 words on one of the topics of interests by 31 January 2018.

Participation and Registration: All persons wishing to participate in the conference are requested to register online. Participants will be notified of their acceptance via formal correspondence.

Conference Fees: No registration fee is charged to participants, but all participants must register and are subject to selection. Side events such as specialized training may require nominal fees.

Sponsors and Exhibitors: The conference has multiple levels of corporate sponsorship available. Spacious exhibition area is available during the conference. Parties interested in becoming sponsors or exhibiting, please contact us.

Working Language: English


Venue: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, Vienna, Austria. MAP LINK


A Holistic framework: Business Process Re-engineering and functional toolkit for GDPR compliance

BPR4GDPR is one of the GDPR cluster projects that will provide a holistic framework able to support end-to-end GDPR-compliant intra- and interorganisational ICT-enabled processes at various scales, while also being generic enough, fulfilling operational requirements covering diverse application domains. Read this to find out more.

Future Events

IAM Online Europe live webinar - AARC Extensions to the REFEDS Assurance Framework

AARC is holding a live webinar on 27 June 2019 at 15:00 CEST, that will explain extensions to the REFEDS Assurance Framework and implementations that were devised in the AARC project.

Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU
04/07/2019 to 05/07/2019

Project CyberSec4Europe (Cyber Security for Europe) is holding it next event - "Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU" in Brussels, Belgium on 4-5 July 2019. 

Other three pilots are invited during CyberSec4Europe meetings.