9th European Innovation Summit, Transatlantic ICT Forum 2017


The 9th European Innovation Summit will take place during the week 27.11 - 1.12 2017 in and around the European Parliament in Brussels in the context of the first ever European Innovation Week.

The Transatlantic ICT Forum (TIF) is a unique platform to benefit policy debate and provide expert opinions and recommendations to transatlantic dialogues for ICT R&I cooperation. TIF has been created by DISCOVERY, an H2020 project to support dialogues and ICT R&I cooperation between Europe and North America (US and Canada)

Under the umbrella of the TIF, three working groups on key thematic areas in ICT - policy and regulations, funding mechanisms and cybersecurity - bring the Forum high-level expertise and insights on subject matters. Currently, over 50 experts from Europe, the US and Canada are members of the Transatlantic ICT Forum, providing advice in the production of Input Papers and Policy Briefs for transatlantic collaboration in ICT R&I.

Four Panel sessions on Cybersecurity, Funding Mechanisms, Digital Inclusion and eHealth will showcase innovation and transatlantic collaboration in these areas. More than 30 influential speakers and panelists with highly-relevant credentials and expertise in the subject matter areas and global reputation through their work form the substantive content of TIF 2017.

Nick Ferguson, Trust-IT Services and Cyberwatching.eu coordinator will participate to the panel on Cybersecurity, giving a speach about how the Cyberwatching.eu project will help SMEs to address cybersecurity challenges that they face.


Outcomes and key themes from ICT 2018 Session on Cybersecurity as key for a Digital Economy and Society

On 5 December 2018, the Digital Single Market of the European Commission sponsored a session on the topic of “Cybersecurity as key for a Digital Economy and Society”. The highly-popular session (over 90 attendees) took place on 5 December 2018 within the flagship ICT2018 Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Khalil Rouhana, Deputy Director General, EC – DG CNECT, kicked off the session with an overview of some of the most pressing issues of the day in cybersecurity: