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Brussels - Second CW Concertation Meeting - Participants list

First Name Last Name Project
Evangelos Markatos ReAct and PROTASIS
Francisco Medeiros N/A
abdelmalek BENZEKRI CyberSec4Europe
Felicia Cutas CONCORDIA
Jos Dumortier CyberSec4Europe
Lou Juget SMOOTH
Marton Kis ECHO
Mario Maawad CONCORDIA
Jose Francisco Ruiz SMESEC
Konstantinos Giannoutakis FORTIKA
Jürgen Großmann EU-SEC
Yolanda Ursa AEGIS
Anastastasia Botsi cyberwatching.eu
Edmundo Monteiro POSEIDON
Matteo Repetto ASTRID
Mirko De Maldè MyHealthMyData
Roberto Cascella ECSO
Haris Mouratidis DEFeND
Eva Schlehahn CANVAS (Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cyber­security)
Niccolò Zazzeri cyberwatching.eu
Nicholas Ferguson cyberwatching.eu
Julie Abergas-Arteza cyberwatching.eu
Marina Ramirez cyberwatching.eu
Sebastiano Toffaletti cyberwatching.eu
Justina Bieliauskaite cyberwatching.eu
JC ROBERT DelHaye EIP-SCC UAM Ambassador for Belgium and Transborder Regions
Géraud Canet SPARTA
Armand Puccetti VESSEDIA
Georgios Kaiafas N/A
Polyxeni Mitsaki H1 Cybersecurity
Sanja Budimir COCOON Emotion psychology meets cyber-security
Marios Thoma European External Action Service/European Security Defence College
Seda Goksu FP7 Chist-era/ Cocoon Project
Paul Koster SODA
Fabio Rizzoni PANACEA
Christos Douligeris SAURON, MITIGATE
Francois Koeune REASSURE
Eduardo Gimeno CyberWatching.eu
Anna-Louise Grensing KASTEL
Ronny Mingels N/A
Adam Kozakiewicz SISSDEN
Jon Shamah LIGHTest
liviu moron It Security
Jose Francisco Ruiz SMESEC
Yang Zhang N/A
Sebastian-Dan Naste N/A
Sandra Strohbach ERC imPACT
David Goodman CyberSec4Europe
Kostas Kalaboukas BPR4GDP
Caroline Baylon CYBECO
Laura Senatore cyberwatching.eu
Silvia Garbin cyberwatching.eu
Mark Miller cyberwatching.eu
Victoria Menezes Miller cyberwatching.eu
Michel Drescher cyberwatching.eu
Nicolas Diaz SPARTA
Tom De Wasch Privacy.us
claudio caimi c3isp, AEGIS
Rafael Tesoro Carretero N/A


Startup OLÉ 2023 will take place from the 4th – 7th of September, and has gather along its history +40.000 attendees from +120 countries; +1.500 startups, scaleups and spin offs; +1.200 speakers; +300 corporates and investors with investment portfolio of over €100kM. Our goal is to present the pr

Future Events


Terrorist Content Online (TCO): how to prevent it?

How terrorist organisations spread TCO and what can be done to stop it

Terrorists and violent extremists are increasingly trying to find new ways to exploit the internet. The growth of terrorist propaganda to recruit and inspire attacks is a risk to us all.


Water Knowledge Europe

Networking and Brokerage Event

17-19 October 2023, BluePoint, Brussels

17/10/2023 to 19/10/2023