Free Live Cybersecurity Webinar – Cybersecurity as an opportunity in a changing market


Security is – unfortunately – not always first on providers’ minds in the rush to be the first to get products to market. Relatively simple measures – encryption; eliminating redundant code; unique passwords – get forgotten about, even if they are actually vital to our collective security. With cybersecurity and privacy very much in the spotlight thanks to high-profile security breaches and new laws introduced in Europe, it’s time now to start taking this seriously. As people become more aware of the grave consequences, there will be a growing clamour for secure products. Cyber security and privacy will become part of what customers value in a brand; companies with lax standards will see reputational damage. launches the first webinar for clusters that are actively working in Cybersecurity and Privacy, in order to share experiences and information on how they can help their members to keep up to date in these sectors. In this webinar we will look at a number of perspectives such as future Horizon 2020 funding opportunities, experiences of cybersecurity by design in a global living lab in Spain, the importance of risk management in areas such as cyber insurance and the opportunities that companies now have to become providers of cybersecurity solutions in Europe.

  • Funding opportunities in Research and Innovation in Cybersecurity and Privacy under the H2020 programme. Mrs. Maite Boyero, Secure Societies Spanish Delegate and National Contact Point.
  • Creating a global living lab including cybersecurity aspects as a guarantee. Mrs. Itziar Vidorreta, GAIA cluster, Spain.
  • Benefits of the cyber-insurance as a complement of cybersecurity measures and its value to protect the present and future of SMEs intensive in data, IT and software. Mr. Francesco Manca, AON, Italy.
  • Opening new markets for your members inside the EU. Mr. Andrei Kelemen, ClujIT, Romania.

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Time Session
10:00 - 10:07 - The EU Cybersecurity & Privacy Observatory
Nicholas Ferguson.  Trust-IT Services & Coordinator
10:08 - 10:20 Opportunities in Horizon 2020.
Mrs. Maite Boyero. Spanish Secure Societies NCP representative
10:20 - 10:32 Promoting Cybersecurity opportunities in a globalized industry, Oceans.
Mrs. Itziar Vidorreta, GAIA cluster, Spain
10:33 - 10:45 Tips and recommendations to minimize cyber-risks in SMEs, is it time for a cyber-insurance?
Mr. Francesco Manca, AON, Italy
10:45 - 10:57 Creation of opportunities in new markets in Cybersecurity and Privacy. Mr. Andrei Kelemen, ClujIT, Romania
10:58 - 11:05 Q&A

Seats for this webinar are limited so register here to reserve your seat: Registration is now closed


Project of the Week - HERMENEUT Project of the Week: HERMENEUT

Enterprises Intangible Risk Management via Economic Models based on Simulation of Modern Cyber Attacks

A Dynamic Solution for Intangible Assets


Project Hermeneut is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project focusing on the economic aspects of cybersecurity, specially regarding intangible assets. It started in May 2017 and with a duration of 24 months it’s now approaching its end.

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