RINAiSense - The Recursive Internet Architecture as a solution for optimal resource consumption, security and scalability of sensor netowrks

01/01/2015 to 31/12/2018

The current Internet architecture is over 40 years old. Recently, a revolutionary clean-slate alternative, the Recursive InterNet Architecture (RINA) has been proposed. RINA incorporates the best design decisions made during the last four decades, while fixing critical problems in the current Internet.

RINA provides a unified theory of networking by extending Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanisms between applications running on a single computing system to support distributed applications, thus blending the fields of networking and distributed systems. Wireless sensor networks consist of extremely resource-constrained devices called ‘motes’, in such an environment, a traditional layered network stack consumes a great amount of resources. Due to the severe resource-constraints and the vast number of devices to be connected, wireless sensor networks represent the ultimate test scenario for RINA.

The RINAiSense project will improve the scalability and security of Wireless Sensor Networks, while investigating the applicability of RINA to resource-constrained systems. RINAiSense will investigate how advanced software composition techniques can be used to minimize the footprint of the RINA stack on an embedded device and thus free-up mote resources for higher-level applications. The proposed research lays the fundamental foundation for technologies that will impact logistics, smart clothing and e-health.

Tuesday, 4 September, 2018


POSEIDON: Protection and control of Secured Information by means of a privacy-enhanced Dashboard

Poseidon is one of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Cluster projects that aims to develop an innovative Privacy Enhancing Dashboard for personal data protection supporting the digital security pillars of the new EU’s GDPR.

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Cluj Innovation Days
24/05/2019 to 25/05/2019

Digital transformation is the new buzz concept, threatening the until recently undisputed reign of “Innovation”. Lately, the two have become synonyms or, in many cases, they condition each other in a very fuzzy relationship: you cannot have innovation without at least some degree of digitalization, but digital transformation is a consequence of being innovative.Amidst all this tumult and debate, the process is already transforming our professional and personal environments. Various sectors are on the blink of radical transformation, while others will disappear altogether.

Brussels - Second CW Concertation Meeting, 04/06/2019

Join us at the second Cyberwatching.eu Concertation meeting, 04 June 2019!