MANTA: Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Coding Theory for Cryptography

01/04/2016 to 01/01/2018

The project will study error correcting codes built using algebraic geometry and number theory, and their applications in cryptography, multi-party computation, and complexity theory. Indeed, many new questions are naturally raised in these application domains, and these questions actually involve deep mathematics.
The problems that will be studied in algebraic coding theory are those which have natural applications in the above domains (computer science, public-key cryptography and multi-party computation), and the approach of the project will be to systematic reformulate these questions in terms of algebraic geometry. The standard simple mathematical notions (polynomials, finite fields) will be replaced by their abstract equivalent in algebraic geometry.

The work is structured in three tasks: computing for the multiplicative properties of codes, decoding for new decoding problems, and finally geometry, for studying families of codes buiilt with advanced algebraic geometry.
* The computing task has applications in multi-party computation, algebraic complexity, cryptanalsyis of McEliece’s cryptosystem. The point is to study the properties of codes under component-wise multiplication. The multiplicative properties can also be studied using additive number theory.
* The decoding task deals with non standard questions in decoding: list-decoding, locally decodable codes, subfield subcodes, etc. There has been many breakthroughs in these topics, yet their generalization to higher genus curves or higher dimensional varieties have only been partially explored.
* The geometry task studies new research directions per se in algebraic geometry and coding theory: codes built over higher dimensional varieties, families of codes, rationally connected varieties. This tasks will lead to interesting mathematical basic research.

Friday, 2 November, 2018


A Holistic framework: Business Process Re-engineering and functional toolkit for GDPR compliance

BPR4GDPR is one of the GDPR cluster projects that will provide a holistic framework able to support end-to-end GDPR-compliant intra- and interorganisational ICT-enabled processes at various scales, while also being generic enough, fulfilling operational requirements covering diverse application domains. Read this to find out more.

Future Events

IAM Online Europe live webinar - AARC Extensions to the REFEDS Assurance Framework

AARC is holding a live webinar on 27 June 2019 at 15:00 CEST, that will explain extensions to the REFEDS Assurance Framework and implementations that were devised in the AARC project.

Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU
04/07/2019 to 05/07/2019

Project CyberSec4Europe (Cyber Security for Europe) is holding it next event - "Representation of the State of Hessen to the EU" in Brussels, Belgium on 4-5 July 2019. 

Other three pilots are invited during CyberSec4Europe meetings.