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Survey on cybersecurity policy and regulatory framework is a valuable tool to gather as many insights as possible from the perspective of supply (regulator and provider) and demand (consumers), within EU and associated countries.  

The contribution of any party involved is very important to help us to analyse the EU policy framework on the whole with the objective to provide recommendations to protect public and private organisations from cyber-attacks. It is a great opportunity to “have a say” in front of the European Commission: these suggestions may in fact result in supporting efforts to develop new EC communications, directives and even in providing input to implementing regulations and policies in data protection, cybersecurity and data privacy domains.

You can thus indicate any specific area that is worthy of a special focus or, by contrast, whether any upcoming policy is a concern for you or your project’s partners.

The outcomes of the survey will be shared in the First Concertation Meeting, to be held on the coming April 2018. Afterwards, a public deliverable of the survey’s results is going to be released during 2018. As survey attendees, you will be granted an early access to the final results.


Share your view to identify EU-US priorities on cybersecurity and privacy R&I

The AEGIS project is working to promote cybersecurity and privacy dialogue and cooperation between the US and the EU.

As part of its activities AEGIS is conducting an online survey to identify R&I priorities for EU-US cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy.


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