CYBERSEC - European Cybersecurity Forum


CYBERSEC Forum is an irreplaceable spot to discuss and debate the current issues of cyber-risk and the fast-changing landscape of cybersecurity related threats. The main goal of the event is to foster and European-wide cybersecurity system and to create a rock-solid, collaborative platform for governments, international organisations and major private sector companies.

Cybersec gives the chance to share, leverage and introduce practical and innovative solutions that can be crucial for the modern-day digital economy. It's an opportunity to stay up-to-date with current trends, enhance cybersecurity measures and catalyse innovation.

A straightforward approach will enable participants to be active in engaging activities such as:

  • Pitch Deck Competition
  • B2B meeting zone
  • Networking sessions
  • Meeting Panel

The main subjects to be tackled will be:

  • IoT security, cybersecurity solutions and Cloud-First policies
  • The most common challenges of strategic communication
  • EU cybersecurity certification framework
  • European Defence Fund: how to boost EU cybersecurity potential through the development of the dual-use technologies
  • Digital Single Market challenges
  • How to fight disinformation by preserving freedom of speech
  • AI: how artificial intelligence affect the cybersecurity landscape

You can have a deeper overview on the official website of the event that is going to take place both in Brussels and in Krakow.


Share your view to identify EU-US priorities on cybersecurity and privacy R&I

The AEGIS project is working to promote cybersecurity and privacy dialogue and cooperation between the US and the EU.

As part of its activities AEGIS is conducting an online survey to identify R&I priorities for EU-US cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy.


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