AEGIS - Accelerating EU-US dialogue for research and innovation in CS&P

01/05/2017 to 30/04/2019


AEGIS aims to strengthen dialogues between Europe and the United States, in order to facilitate exchange of views, policies and best practices to stimulate cooperation around cybersecurity and privacy R&I and contribute in shaping the future global cybersecurity and privacy landscape. AEGIS proposes a multi-stakeholder approach to engage relevant communities from both sides of the Atlantic to accelerate EU-US cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy research and innovation.

The AEGIS project has created a Cybersecurity Reflection Group, a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform that brings together high level experts from Europe and US to address challenges in cybersecurity and privacy R&I through regular meetings and events

Who is the project designed for?

AEGIS has been designed to support EU-US ongoing dialogues and discussions related to cybersecurity and privacy, by providing a practical and effective international collaboration platform engaged in:

  • discussing progress and priorities;
  • setting the cybersecurity and privacy research agendas to be pursued at an international scale; and
  • coordinating the sharing of policies and best practices, standards, knowledge and experience in an effort to stimulate cooperation around cybersecurity and privacy research and innovation approaches and thus contribute in shaping the future global cybersecurity landscape.

Through the Cybersecurity Reflection Group and its Working Groups on Cybersecurity and Privacy R&I and Policies, AEGIS addresses critical issues for international cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy, including technical trends, policy and legislation challenges, and facilitates the effective collaboration of a wide range of interested parties from both sides of the Atlantic, including policy makers, researchers, technology experts, business leaders, cyber policies experts and influencers and civil society.

How is your project benefitting the end-user?

AEGIS promotes EU-US cooperation in Cybersecurity and Privacy R&I, provides guidance and stimulates innovation partnerships for transatlantic collaboration, engaging the industry, researchers, innovators and stakeholders from Europe and the US.
Main benefit from AEGIS:

  • AEGIS identifies R&I priorities for EU-US cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy, though consultation and validation with key stakeholders in Europe and the US and Working Groups under the umbrella of the Cybersecurity Reflection Group EU-US.
  • AEGIS organizes Open Cyber Camps and Round Tables to facilitate the creation of ideas for effective development of security solutions, creating synergies and stakeholders’ engagement from EU and US.
  • AEGIS promotes policy debate and empower stakeholders throughout Europe and the US to work together to effectively address cybersecurity challenges, adopting common approaches and bridging fragmentation between multiple communities of researchers, innovators, technologists, policy makers and influential government stakeholders.
  • AEGIS provides Guidelines for innovation partnership in cybersecurity and privacy EU-US collaboration.
  • AEGIS provides recommendations to the political dialogue on cybersecurity, addressing international, technical and socio-political challenges in cybersecurity and privacy R&I.

Please briefly describe the results your project achieved so far

AEGIS has established the Cybersecurity Reflection Group EU-US, a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform with two Working Groups: the Cybersecurity and Privacy R&I WG and the Cybersecurity and Privacy Policies WG.

The Working Groups bring together high-level experts from both sides of the Atlantic to address specific issues on cybersecurity and privacy, including the identification of common approaches in addressing cybersecurity and privacy challenges from an R&I as well as a governance and institutional perspective. Input from the Working Groups will feed AEGIS White Papers on Cybersecurity Policies and Research and Innovation.
AEGIS is mapping the landscape of cybersecurity and privacy in Europe and the US, including a common taxonomy EU-US that is the basis to identify the most viable areas for future EU-US cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy R&I.

AEGIS organized two important events the US:

  • A design based studio event took place in March 1st 2018 in Washington DC to explore and co-create new and innovative approaches to strengthening Transatlantic understanding of cybersecurity and privacy. The event was organized by The Providence Group in partnering with Rhode Island School of Design Executive Education.
  • Working Meeting on Maritime Cybersecurity held in March 7, 2018 at CCICADA Center, Rutgers University.

What are the next steps for your project?

Through the Cybersecurity Reflection Group EU-US, AEGIS will deliver White Papers on Cybersecurity Policies and Research and Innovation in Cybersecurity, including recommendations to enhance evolving dialogues in cybersecurity and privacy, and thus significantly contribute to reinforce the political and technological framework for possible EU-US cooperation in cybersecurity and privacy R&I.
AEGIS will continue collaboration with project and initiatives related to cybersecurity and privacy in Europe and the US.

Thursday, 8 February, 2018

Project type:


EU to strenghten its expertise in cybersecurity research, technology and industrial developmen

Europe is stepping up its protection against cybersecurity threats, and is discussing a new structure of pool of expertise which will help secure the digital single market and increase the EU’s autonomy in the area of cybersecurity.

Europe is currently working on the establishment of a top knowledge base for cybersecurity and a network of national cybersecurity coordination centres called the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Centre and the Network of National Coordination Centres.

Future Events

Cyber Insurance and its Contribution to Cyber Risk Mitigation - Leiden March 25-29
25/03/2019 to 29/03/2019

The rise in both the scale and severity of recent cyberattacks demands new thinking about cybersecurity risk and the mitigation and transfer of that risk. Cyber insurance is one potential way to manage risk by transferring damage liability, but the cyber insurance market is immature and the understanding and actuarial knowledge of cyber-risk is currently underdeveloped.

e-SIDES workshop 2019

e-SIDES workshop: Towards Value-Centric Big Data: Connect People, Processes and Technology


2 April 2019

10am to 4pm


e-SIDES is a research project funded by European Commission H2020 Programme that deals with the ethical, legal, social and economic implications of privacy-preserving technologies in different big data context.